Buying a Duffle Coat

The Duffle coat is a classic, practical, single-breasted coat with distinctive buttons or ‘walrus tusk toggles’, so called because they resemble the teeth of the glorious sea mammal.

Duffle coat in CanadaLike many iconic fashions, the duffle coat was created by no single individual, and no designer can lay claim to it. Instead, the modern duffle forms part of the rich history and culture of British sailors and fishermen. This maritime link extends into military history too, the coats having been worn by the British Royal Navy in cold northern latitudes. The relaxed fit, large buttons or toggles that can be fastened and unfastened whilst wearing gloves, and the large wide hood, were all created for comfort and ease at sea and in port. Though the duffle coat will always retain this link to the sea, the coat has come a long way. These days duffle coats are found on urban streets and at fashion shows, as often as among boats and sails.


Combined with a woolen sweater, a men’s or women’s duffle coat will serve you well throughout the cold winter months. But the coats are also perfect for use between seasons, when other winter clothes are too heavy and yet a jacket or raincoat may be too light. Stylish, comfortable and warm while allowing excellent freedom of movement, the duffle coat is ideal for both men and women’s. Our excellent selection of duffle coats brought to you direct from the finest producers (British Duffle, Original Montgomery, and Gloverall) means that any coat from our catalogue will meet your highest standards of quality and design. 

Although separate models for men and women’s do exist, the classic shape and cut of the duffle coat mean that it can be worn by both men and women’s.

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These warm and functional single-breasted duffle coats have been designed to protect against the cold winds of the northern seas, and this makes them more than suitable for any climate. If you appreciate comfort, warmth and style, then a duffle coat will not disappoint you. Save time by ordering your duffle coat online and gain access to the finest international manufacturers at excellent prices.